The Road Rage slot created by NoLimit City has a default 5 x 3-reel grid, 99 to 259 ways to win and up to 96.03% RTP with high variance. The title of this slot does a brilliant job in exposing what the game is all about that is, road rage. As soon as the game launches, players see all sorts of drivers driving recklessly on the road.


A dimly illuminated road intersection provides the background graphics to the Road Rage online slot machine. The game’s 5 x 3-reel grid is demarcated by a patterned dark brown and light brown frame.




5 4 3 2
driver on red – Joe 5.00 0.75 0.40
driver on yellow – Aristocat 3.75 0.60 0.35
driver on green – Gran 3.00 0.50 0.35
driver on purple – Karen 2.50 0.40 0.30
driver on blue – Artem 2.00 0.40 0.30
A coffee cup 1.50 0.35 0.25
A flat tyre 1.25 0.30 0.20
Hemp icon 1.00 0.30 0.20 =
A smartphone 0.75 0.25 0.15
Rearview mirror 0.50 0.25 0.15


The reel symbols available in the Road Rage slot machine include Artem: plate (UK 4RT3M, Karen: plate (K4R3N 69), Gran: plate (420 GR4N), Aristocat: plate (4RI5TOC4T), Joe: plate (SPILL3D JOE). a coffee cup, a flat tyre, a hemp icon, a smartphone and a rearview mirror.


  • Wild: Road Rage comes with several wild symbols. All the wild icons are represented by car symbols. The yellow car (engine breakdown) upon landing on the reels increases all other symbol sizes by one on the same reel. The red (drive by) and green (drive by) cars upon landing on the reels drives from left to right and right to left respectively in the process increasing the symbol multiplier by one for all symbols it overlays. The red and green cars transform the reel positions they start in as well as their destination reel positions into wilds. When the red and green cars travel towards each other and are separated by an odd number of symbols between them, they collide. When they collide, their multiplier values are added and applied to the colliding wild car. If any of the red or green cars that collided were sticky, the colliding car turns sticky.
  • Scatter: The traffic light symbol acts as the scatter icon.

  • Respin: Players get one respin when they land two scatters simultaneously. During the respin, two wilds are guaranteed to land on the scatter landing reels.
  • Morning Rush: The Morning Rush activates when players land three scatters simultaneously. One of the triggering symbols turns sticky and locks in its position. One or two extra scatters landing during the feature upgrade the feature to the Highway Jam or City Mayhem respectively. On each upgrade, an additional symbol transforms into a sticky symbol. The feature is played on a 5 x 3-reel grid. Colliding cars award two extra spins.

  • Highway Jam: The Highway Jam activates when players land four scatters simultaneously. This feature is played on a 5 x 4-reel grid. Two of the triggering symbols transform into sticky symbols. An extra scatter landing during the feature transforms the feature into the City Mayhem. Each upgrade awards an extra spin. Colliding cars award an extra two spins.

  • City Mayhem: City Mayhem activates when players land five scatters simultaneously. This feature is played on a 5 x 5-reel grid. All triggering symbols transform into sticky symbols.
  • Mystery Symbol: A triangular road sign acts as the game’s mystery symbol. This symbol only lands during the bonus features. Mystery symbols come in different colours which include red, green and yellow. If the mystery symbol’s colour matches the colour of a wild car present on the reels, the wild’s multiplier value increases. If the mystery symbol’s colour does not match with any of the wild car/s present on the reels, players receive one free spin.

  • Ghost Rider: Players activate the ghost rider when they scoop the max payout. Once that happens, the current game session ends and the max payout is awarded.

  • Rage Buff: This feature triggers automatically each time any of the bonus features are triggered. When it activates, it awards ether additional spins or wild multipliers. Upon activation, a wild car appears on reel 5. The car moves horizontally on the reels towards the opposite. As it moves, it may pass a road sign. The road sign it passes determines the rage buff award the player gets. The road signs and their rewards are as follows:

  • Dice Sign: it either reveals a free spin or a 2x multiplier
  • Speed Bump Sign: it increases the drive by multiplier by one
  • Car Sign: it increases the sticky multiplier by one
  • Free Spin Sign: players scoop an extra free spin
  • Turn Signs: the car turns right, left or completes a U-turn. If it completes a U-turn, the rage buff activates. The triggering reel turns sticky and remains as is for the respin
  • Stop Sign: only appears during the rage buff and it stops the movement of the car.
  • NoLimit Bonus: Any of this bonus features may be triggered manually when players click the NoLimit Bonus icon and proceed to pay the purchase price of the feature they want to manually trigger.



The win cap for the Road Rage is pegged at 36,000x the bet which is pretty good. Players ought to note that they may land this max payout on each spin during gameplay whether playing in the base game or any of the bonus features.

Every Road Rage starts with at least one dumbass, but in this game you game you have five of them! Ensure you had your morning coffee before playing. Anger management classes will not help one bit, you’re in for the ride of your life on the reels when playing this awesome Nolimit City slot.


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