Dead Canary


The Dead Canary slot powered by NoLimit City comes with 6 reels with a unique honeycomb format of 3-4-3-4-3-4, it has 36 to 1728 ways to win, up to 96.39% RTP and a high variance level.

This slot takes players deep down into the earth’s crust in search of precious minerals. Players take with them a canary when going deep down. This of course as a safety measure as the canary informs them at all times if its safe to remain down under or if its time to return to the ground.

What happens when this useful canary dies underground? You can only know once you start playing this cracker slot.


Dead Canary isn’t the most visually appealing game. This necessitated by the fact that its background graphics are simply depicted by a dull black wall and yellow ground. Presumably, this is the type of ‘landscape’ found deep down the earth’s crust.




6 5 4 3 2
The dwarf 7.50 4.00 2.00 1.00
The mouse 3.75 2.00 0.75 0.50
A clock watch 2.50 1.50 0.75 0.50
A water bottle and a rope of the same nature 2.00 1.25 0.60 0.40
Ace 1.50 0.80 0.50 0.30
King 1.25 0.70 0.50 0.30
Queen 1.25 0.60 0.40 0.25
Jack and Number 10 of the same nature 1.00 0.60 0.40 0.25


The incorporated reel symbols include the dwarf, a mouse, a clock watch, a water bottle, a rope and traditional poker symbols.


  • Wild: The dynamite act as the substituting symbol when playing Dead Canary. This symbol is affectionately known as the xBomb wild. Its substituting powers allow it to substitute for all icons except the scatter. Landing the xBomb wild will see it explode and in the process, destroy symbols surrounding it in a cross fashion. As it explodes, it awards a 1x win multiplier for the next cascade.
  • Scatter: The game comes with two scatters. These are represented by the canary in a silver cage and the canary in a gold cage. Scatters appear anywhere on the reels but when they land behind a barrier, they won’t come into play until they are unlocked.

  • Reel Area: Upon initiating the gaming session, players start playing on a 3-3-2-2-1-1 grid. However, during the gaming session, the grid may increase in size up to a 3-4-3-4-3-4 grid. The slot uses the cascading mechanic hence all winning combinations see their winning symbols eliminated from the reels thus necessitating new symbols to land. These new symbols are evaluated and they can form new win lines hence trigger another cascade. This can continue happening for as long as new win lines are created. Each new winning cascade unblocks a blocked row. The multipliers which are locked on the bottom positions are unlocked once the barrier is removed.

  • Wild Mining: Landing at least three identical symbols diagonally on a non-winning spin triggers this feature. Once activated, the triggering symbols are eliminated from the reels and a wild is formed in the middle positions of the alignment. Three, four of five triggering symbols help create 1, 2 or 3 wilds respectively. When a scatter symbol is blown, it reappears in a random position in next collapse.

  • xBet: Players can automatically eliminate one barrier and get a guaranteed scatter on the reels when they activate the xBet. The xBet is enabled by clicking the corresponding button on the main screen and proceed to match the purchase price pegged at a cost of an extra 40% of the current bet.

  • Canary Free Spins: The feature is triggered when players land at least three scatters of any kind simultaneously. Players get three spins at the start but these are reset each time the xBomb symbol lands. During this feature, players play on a full height grid. All the four vaults in the corners are locked during the feature. Though locked, the vaults still collect multipliers and coins from three neighbour positions. Players ought to note that the vaults are unlocked by the xBomb wild once it explodes in their direction. Once unlocked, players win all the values collected in the vaults. All scatter symbols landing during the feature start with a 1x multiplier and three hit points. The scatters can also collect coins, multipliers, upgrades as well as the dwarf and rat enhancers. The silver cage scatters collect in an x-shape one position from itself while the gold cage scatter collects in an x-shape from the entire rows. All collections stop at 65,000x. The collected values are only paid once the birds die. Scatters lose one hit point when affected by the xBomb or gas. Below are the values available during this feature which can be collected and awarded:

  • Coin Values: The coin value is added to the scatter icon which collected it.
  • xBomb: Bombs explode in an x-shape and in the process remove one hit point from scatter symbols. They also open vaults and reset the number of spins to three.

  • Multipliers: Doubles or triples the collected value of scatter icons and vaults.
  • Gas: Gas will reduce the scatter symbol hit point by one and affects all birds adjacent to it.
  • Dwarf: The scatter that collects the dwarf becomes a persistent collector until the dwarf dies. The scatter which collected the dwarf gets one hit point.
  • Rat: The scatter that collects the rat becomes a persistent payer and shares its collected value with all other scatters until the rat dies. The affected scatter gets one hit point.
  • Vault: The vault is opened by the xBomb and once opened, everything that’s collected is paid at the end of the bonus round.
  • Upgrade: Silver cage scatters are upgraded to gold cage scatters and they get one hit point.
  • Happy Wide, Happy Life: Dead Canary comes with a max payout of 65,000x the bet. A win exceeding this mark (65,00x the bet) ends the game and sees the player win the max bet.

  • NoLimit Bonus: Any of Dead Canary’s incorporated bonus features can be purchased instantly when players make use of the NoLimit Bonus and proceed to match the stipulate purchase price.



Dead Canary is the perfect game for all players who are prepared to go deep down into the earth’s crust in search of precious minerals. While down under, players need to take good care of their canary as it is the only thing which warns them of an impending disaster.


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