Released on 16th November 2018, 3888 Ways of the Dragon is a 5-reel slot that does not have the same number of rows. The reels layout of this game is 3*6*6*6*6 The first reel has three rows only, while the second to fifth reels have six rows.

Created by iSoftBet, the slot does not use conventional pay lines. It offers players an RTP of 95.95%. The variance of the game is thought to be medium to high, it does have some bonuses and wild symbols also.


In total, there are 12 symbols in the game. Two are feature symbols, four are high-value symbols, and the rest are low-value ones.

The two main symbols you want on appear on this slot game are:

  • Bonus
  • Wild

The four high-value symbols pay between 10x and 100x your coin value.


Here is the paytable for the four high-value symbols.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line  SYMBOL
Frog Turtle Gold Nugget Lantern
5 100 60 50 40
4 50 30 25 20
3 20 15 12 10

These values do not change even if you change your bet size. You can wager between €0.01 and €1 per coin. Since the slot has no conventional pay line count, you are charged 30 coins per spin.

To win, you have to land the same symbols on adjacent reels, and this must begin on the first reel. You have to land same symbols on at least three adjacent reels.

Below is an example where you land a combo of the turtle.

  • Reel 1 – 1 turtle
  • Reel 2 – 3 turtles
  • Reel 3 – 2 turtles
  • Reel 4 – none
  • Reel 5 – none

To determine you prize, you have to multiply the turtle count from reel 1 to the last adjacent reel where there is a turtle.

In this case, the calculation is: 1 x 3 x 2 = 6 turtles.

On the paytable, the pay for three reels of a turtle is 15. Now, you have to multiply 15 x 6 and you get 90 coins.

The value of each coin depends on what you wagered before you started the round.


Now, here are some features that you need to look out for:

  • Wild – the wild here is the face of the golden dragon. It substitutes or all symbols to make a winning line. It cannot substitute for the bonus symbol, and it has no payout of its own.
  • Bonus – this is the green and blue symbol of two dragons that look like Yin and Yang. Landing three of it on the grid on one spin triggers the free spins bonus. Three would trigger 8 free games, and 4 would trigger 18 free games.
  • Dragon Spin – this is a random feature that happens on both the base game and bonus game. If this is triggered, a dragon would swoop on the screen and drop between three to eight wild symbols. The Dragon Spin is likely to occur more times on the free spins bonus.


3888 Ways of the Dragon is an innovative way to play a slot game. It is also controlled because your first reel only has three rows, which means the first multiplier in the sequence of a combo cannot be greater than 3.

From a rating of one to 10, we will give this a 9. It has the makings of a slot game with multiple winning avenues, it has 3,888 ways to win, plus it does have free games. The only thing lacking to make this a 10 is a jackpot.

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