Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop


The Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop slot created by AvatarUX plays out on a 5 x 4-reel grid, and comes with 2,048 to 6,250 ways to win, up to 96.00% RTP and a high variance level.

The title of this slot does the very important task of revealing what the game is all about. Upon launching the game, players find themselves in the times of the living dead.

Some brain-hungry zombies are on the loose and ready to pounce on any human they find. Will you be able to evade the zombies or take the easy way out by becoming one? Let the fun begin


A modern city which is visibly in a dire and sorry state owing to the massive destruction of its infrastructure perpetuated by the brain-hungry zombies provides the background graphics to the Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop game. A red colour adds to the eeriness of this slot as it covers the entirety of the reel grid so it’s got a great vibe to suit the theme.




5 4 3 2
The zombie on a red portrait 2x the bet 1x the bet 0.5x the bet
The zombie on an orange portrait and the zombie on a purple portrait – Alike symbols only 1x the bet 0.5x the bet 0.25x the bet
The zombie on a green portrait and the zombie on a blue portrait – Alike symbols only 0.75x the bet 0.4x the bet 0.2x the bet
A half-human head wearing a cap, a zombie’s hand and a bow tie – Alike symbols only 0.5x the bet 0.3x the bet 0.15x the bet
Royal symbols – Alike symbols only 0.4x the bet 0.2x the bet 0.1x the bet



The Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop game reel symbols include the zombie on red portrait, zombie on an orange portrait, zombie on a purple portrait, zombie on a green portrait, zombie on a blue portrait, a half-human head wearing a cap, a zombie’s hand, a bow tie and royal symbols.


  • Wild: Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop game does not come with a substituting symbol.
  • Scatter: The human brain icon represents the scatter symbol.
  • MultiPop: All symbols that feature in a win line playing the Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop slot disappear from their reel positions after pays are awarded. This in turn makes it possible for new symbols to land and fill the vacant positions. Once the new symbols land, a 1x cell multiplier is awarded. This cell multiplier remains sticky on the reel position rather than the symbol. Future win lines will increase the cell multiplier by one up to a maximum of 5x.

  • Free Spins Feature: To start playing in the free spins feature, players should land at least three scatters. When three, four or five scatters land simultaneously, players trigger free spins level 1, free spins level 2 or free spins level 3 respectively. For levels 1, 2 and 3, players receive 10, 12 and 15 free spins respectively. players ought to note that the reel grid transforms to a 5 x 5 format when the free spins feature activates. When all the reel positions are filled with cell multipliers, players scoop an extra 2 free spins. During this feature, the maximum cell multiplier is pegged at 10x.

  • Gamble Wheel: Upon activating the free spins feature, an option is presented to play the gamble wheel game. Those who opt in are tasked with spinning the wheel. Those who are successful during the spin wheel increase their free spins count and get another shot at gambling their free spins. Those who aren’t successful however forfeit all awarded free spins and revert to base gameplay.

  • Infectious Multipliers: When the cell multiplier for any reel position reaches 5x during the base game, for to twelve random positions will have their cell multipliers increased by one. Priority is given to reel positions that don’t have any cell multipliers yet.

  • Buy Bonus: Pressing the ‘Buy Bonus’ button which is on the main screen necessitates players to gain direct access to any one of the free spin modes.
  • Buy Bonus Max: The ‘Buy MAX Bonus button allows players to purchase the enterprising extended free spin mode offering more lucrative rewards for just 500 bets.


If you like slots like Day of the Dead from Pragmatic Play then this is your go to game to play. Zombie aPOPalypse Multipop comes with an exciting theme which gives players the opportunity of choosing between evading the brain-hungry zombies or giving in and becoming one on the reels. Overall another fine slot machine from the AvatarUX Studio.


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