The remarkable old tradition of China shall never be lost and with Lucky Coin. You can experience the excitement and fun of Asia while playing this game free on our site on any device including iPad, Android and iPhone.

This Amatic game is very basic indeed so even granny can play this slot and understand all the rules of play. Like many Amatic slots the graphics are pretty crappy in design.

This game has a RTP of 96.00 %, the reel format is 5 x 3 and it has 10 paylines.


The forest green colour reel scenery is surrounded by lovely Chinese stylistic theme including spiralling red backdrop and elaborate gold winged serpents. Amid the play, you should keep an eye on a stunner and monster combo; as the scary green mythical snake has four horns with wild eyes & sharp tooth. Kill the creature, and you may anticipate a fall in the hands of a beautiful Girl who is a Geisha.


All of the rewards may be granted any moment and the flawlessly beautifying playing card signs may get you a victory maximum of 12,500 guineas, while the similarly ornamental forest green  carp and toads cost maximum 25,000 guineas. Chase down and kill the Green flying serpent and your award will be 75,000 guineas.


  • Lady Luck: Wild Symbol lady luck bestows 9000, 2500, 250 and 10 coins.
  • Green Lucky Coins: The highest paymaster lucky coin green in colour gives 5000, 200, 50, and 20 credits.
  • Dragon: Chinese theme without dragon is not possible and you can earn 750, 125, 25 and 2 points.
  • Flower: Soft flowers wishes good luck with 400, 100, and 20 credits.
  • Fish and Frog: These water loving symbols gives you 250 coins, 75, or 15 for 5, 4, or 3 spins.
  • Poker Cards: A and K offers 125, 50, and 10 high scores, with Q J and 10 giving 100, 25 and 5 coins. Even 9 has something in store for you and get 100, 25, 5, 2 for spinning 5, 4, 3 and 2 respectively.


  • Wild: Your traditional female entertaining girl at that point anticipates you and her excellence is just dominated by the nine hundred thousand guineas, which she may give you.
  • Scatter: Similarly, any traditional female entertaining girl who is worth discovering cherishes to be Wild and when she is doing so she shall replace all images apart from the Scatter sign with an end goal to make bunches of different rewards. She shall likewise twofold the standard prize of any random winning combo, which makes her wild. The Scattered sign is a fortune guinea (three coins entwined) and they serve two attributes. They can grant rewards to a maximum of five hundred thousand credits, while three to five symbols will likewise initiate fifteen free spins.
  • Free Spin Feature: Extra spins in that all rewards are multiplied by three. The other free spins may likewise be reinitiated for the individual prize. It is sufficient for the 2 to have extra attributes of fifteen free spins. In the poker machine of no cost, the reward round is initiated by no less than three Scatter symbols showing up on the reels. The way that each of your victory while playing out the extra bonus round are increased by three will take your breath away – well almost 🙂
  • Gamble Feature: All rewards can be likewise be multiplied or increase four-fold on the chance of a card of play if you pick to enjoy in the betting attribute. Figure either the card may be reddish or dark black to two-fold your reward or figure its way to fourfold your reward.


With a marvellous old China topic, heaps of enormous rewards and Beautiful Japanese entertaining girls is not the time one endeavoured to be fortunate!

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